Vitamin C Serum

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Get clinically-proven visibly brighter skin, improved texture, and silky-smooth hydration with our triple-threat Vitamin C formula in biodegradable, vegan capsules that maximize potency. 
Includes two-month supply (60 capsules).

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High-impact skincare that’s low-impact on the environment
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  • Vitamin C is a must: Especially our concentrated form. It’s stable, effective, and goes deeper to absorb better.
  • It prevents and restores: We love Vitamin C’s duality as it protects from free radicals and other skin stressors while reversing damage already done.
  • Why we dump the pump: Bottled Vitamin C oxidizes quickly and starts losing power when exposed to light and air. Our single-dose capsules ensure a lifespan up to 18 months.


  • We recommend making Vitamin C a daily part of your AM routine and saving other actives (like retinol) for PM.
  • To apply, twist the tip off one capsule and gently squeeze on fingertips to massage onto clean face and neck.
  • Follow up with moisturizer and SPF to ooh, aah, and bask in your glow all day long.


saw smoother, visibly brighter skin


agreed skin felt more hydrated and looked healthier


experienced visible improvement in texture and more even skin tone

Our hero ingredients

“After a few days of use, I noticed my skin looked less dull, and I looked forward to the [daily] practice of twisting open the serum.”

“It’s everything I could want from a Vitamin C serum, plus keeps plastic out of our environment—I’m sold.”

“This encapsulated Vitamin C serum changed my entire skincare routine. Everything you need in one tiny capsule.”

How We compare

Vitamin C potency lasts up to 18 months

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Always the exact right amount

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Gentle, non-stinging formula

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You asked, we answered:

Is THE 10% Vitamin C Serum safe for everyday use? Do you recommend APPLYING morning or night?
Absolutely! Our gentle yet effective form of Vitamin C makes it ideal for everyday use. We recommend using it once a day, morning or night, for optimal results. We also highly recommend that you also use SPF as part of your routine when using any form of Vitamin C for added protection. Participants in our clinical study report visible improvement in skin tone and texture in as little as 4 weeks with daily use, and it's also great for brightening maintenance!
What products should I avoid mixing Vitamin C with?
While she’s gentle, she is potent and you should avoid layering with AHAs and BHAs when using the serum. Not to worry, you can still use those products, just in your nighttime routine instead. Bonus: Fans of the serum (and 98% of our clinical study participants) say it layers like a dream underneath makeup.
Is this Vitamin C Serum suitable for all skin types?
Yes! We wanted a universal formula that offered brightening for all. We also opted for THD (tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate) over traditional L-ascorbic acid (traditional form of Vitamin C in skincare) so that the formula would be gentle yet still have maintain maximum efficacy, because no one actually wants to experience the burning and stinging that can come with L-ascorbic acid. THD is also stable and known to penetrate the skin at a deeper level than L-ascorbic acid; in return, offering all the skin benefits without the same stability and limited lifespan concerns.