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performance without plastic

We're creating the world’s best plastic-free skincare, without compromising on performance or values. We love our Vitamin C serums and our environment.

If you seek sustainable and effective skincare, we’re here for you.

"Loved the packaging of the bottle and the product. Loved the texture of the product and how it dispenses and how easy it is to just throw it away afterward."

--Molly S.

"I figured it would be like 'just another product,' but it feels different going on at night, and my skin feels beautiful in the morning. I’ve just been using it at night to savor it."

--Ivka S.

"The formula was awesome! It was just enough product in each little pod, and it felt amazing on my skin. I've never had a serum that absorbed into my skin and felt so smooth."

--Kira A.

about us

We're Cary and Angela, two clean beauty veterans from Santa Monica and Austin with combined 12 years of experience creating better-for-you brands you've heard of.

We share a vision of better beauty you can feel good about. We commit to taking care of ourselves, our communities, and our planet too.