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Jan 09, 2022

Great things come in, well, unique packages, and Common Heir doesn’t use pumps or plastic in ours for a reason.

The average Vitamin C serum comes in a pump, dropper, almost always some kind of bottle — but we don’t do average around here. Because with regular packaging, each twist and pump exposes serum to the air and oxygen, destabilizing Vitamin C and starting the timer on that once-powerful ingredient’s ultimate efficacy. That means most serums simply don’t work as well the longer you have them around. Our Vitamin C Serum capsules only gets better. Here’s why. 

What bottled Vitamin C skincare and a used car have in common.

Our Chief Product Officer, Angela Ubias, has spent years formulating clean beauty products, working beaker-in-hand alongside chemists. When developing products with Vitamin C as the star, she would test potency after a few months and see the ingredient changing color, signifying the start of its oxidation due to light and air exposure. You may have noticed a clear Vitamin C serum browning with time; that’s the signal it’s becoming less effective. You know how they say a car’s value starts depreciating the second it leaves the lot? The same can be said for Vitamin C in a bottle.

So we solved the pump’s problem, harnessing Vitamin C’s potency from first application to the very last pod.

We wanted to create the Vitamin C serum that you deserve, one driving the same benefits two months in as on day one. Our solution: Common Heir’s Vitamin C Serum is encapsulated in vegan, biodegradable pods that extend the star ingredient’s shelf life. Each Vitamin C capsule protects the serum inside and packs an equally potable punch, with our 10% Vitamin C derivative THD, plus a botanical blend featuring marshmallow and licorice roots, and plant-based silicone alternatives and emollients. 

Hydrated, glowing skin with even, improved texture and tone. It’s already in you. We help bring it out with the right formulation and packaging that’s as good to the earth as you aim to be.

Don’t get us started on the beauty industry’s plastics problem...

Actually, do. The beauty industry contributes 120 billion units of packaging every year — a lot of it plastic, a lot of it not recyclable. That pump is bad for your serum and the environment. And we only want the best for you at Common Heir.

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