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Vitamin C Serum: Your Secret Weapon Against Dry, Dull Skin

Oct 19, 2022

The seasons are changing. We can feel it in the air, there's a smell of comfort, nature is showing off, everything seems to be warm and glowing, except our skin! No one wants to talk about it, but almost everyone suffers from seasonal dry, dull skin. But fear not, we have a not-so-secret weapon to help fight those dry skin blues. Enter our Vitamin C Serum Capsules.

Layering For The Season

Our summer skin gets away with a lot…or a little in this case. We’re often able to loosen the layers of our skincare routines and let our faces breathe a bit more. Depending on your skin type and your routine this often means skipping the moisturizer. But now the seasons are changing and so is our skin, it’s the time of that year that we all suffer a little more from trans epidermal water loss causing flaky, dry skin even for those lucky ones who normally don’t. It’s time to put on those extra layers and understand what works together to boost your moisture barrier and give you radiant glowing skin, even in the fall & winter.

What is a moisture barrier you ask? It’s your outer layer of skin that has been taxed with the job of maintaining a healthy balance of moisture. In the fall and winter it has to work overtime against the elements and the odds. Did you know that the heater running in your home, especially at night, is the number one cause of over-drying winter skin?

The first reaction for most people is to drop everything and grab the moisturizer…literally. Often even the most savvy skincare fanatics get one glimpse of flaking on the forehead and they drop all other steps in their routine and reach for the thickest, richest moisturizer they can find. We urge you this season to back away from the thick stuff and think about layering every day just like you do when you get dressed.

Layer 1: A Clean Foundation

Your first layer is about starting fresh and giving your skin a clean foundation. Many people believe that washing your face twice a day is counter-intuitive when talking about protecting from dry, flaking skin but it is likely the most important step to building and protecting that moisture barrier. We recommend finding a clean face wash that doesn’t contain a lot of the extra stuff (and no, moisturizing face washes are not the answer here). Less is more, we’re washing off the toxins, dirt and dead skin. Face wash has one very important job, let it just tackle that one. 

Layer 2: Take Your Vitamins

Now you’re ready for the basics, that essential layer that sets the tone and protects you from the elements. It’s time to take your vitamins. Vitamin C Serum is an essential and often overlooked step in protecting your moisture barrier. Vitamin C Serum is your first line of defense and layering it onto clean dry skin allows it to work its science (also known as magic). We all know that it helps brighten and even your tone, reducing hyperpigmentation, acne, and -- oh what was that…moisturizes dry, uneven patches! 

Layer 3: Cozy Up To Moisturizer 

You need another layer to get cozy in, grab your favorite sweater, hoodie or flannel, and don’t forget the moisturizer. This top layer helps lock in the power packed properties of Vitamin C and helps seal that barrier to protect it from all the over-drying elements of the season. We, as always, recommend quality, clean moisturizers without all of the extras, and in case you didn’t catch it before, thicker is not better. You want a moisturizer that works with your skin’s natural barrier much like Vitamin C Serum, to encourage it to capture, maintain and balance moisture from the inside out, our favorites are those with natural adaptogens.


Our layers are on, our skin is protected, any additional accessorizing is up to you. So whether you're make-up everyday or never, you're actively protecting and boosting your moisture barrier. Fight off those unwanted flakes with Vitamin C Serum as the essential layer to your skin’s health through this season and the next.